Letting Youth and Community Talent Shine – the Wits Choir way

by Jean le Roux

Combined Commuity Choirs singing "Bonka baphandle"

Gems of talent are everywhere, if you know where to look. From a large Afrikaans high school from Randburg, to a praise and worship organisation from Nigeria, to an institute of health care professionals from right under our very noses. Johannesburg is a veritable treasure trove of unmined vocal talent, and Wits Choir’s Youth and Community Choir Festival brought some of this talent out into the spotlight.

Rouxville Baptist Church Choir


Wits Choir’s mandate was clear from the beginning: gather the most diverse group of youth and community choirs, and let them shine alongside us and each other on the Wits Great Hall stage. The festival marked the inauguration of an annual highlight on Wits Choir’s calendar, and it was also the culmination of the year’s outreach programme.

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Choir

Meadowlands Methodist Sectional Choir

Workshops were held with all participating choirs in the months preceding Sunday’s gala concert. Dalene Hoogenhout, director and conductor of Wits Choir, imparted her unique style on the participating choirs. She emphasised the importance of listening to each other and performing as a unit, while highlighting each individual singer’s defining qualities.

Wits RHI Choir

Nkosi's Haven Choir

This is by far the most divergent group of performers Wits Choir has ever gathered on one stage and one the most ambitious projects ever taken on by Wits Choir. Each choir performed one solo piece and one massed choir piece with the other choirs in their category (Youth or Community), singing the massed choir number taught at the workshops.

Parktown High School for Girls Choir

Horskool Randburg Koor

The Community category was well represented by religious organisations. Rouxville Baptist and Meadowlands Methodist Sectional choirs, as well as the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (an international group founded in Nigeria) sang the gospel with joy and fervour. SAMRO Choir and the Wits Reproductive Health Institute Choir brought new meaning to company spirit, proving they’re just as good together on stage as they are in the office.

Combined Youth Choirs singing "KwaMashu"

Combined Youth Choirs singing "iSkoro Koro"

A wide range of Joburg schools headed up the Youth category: from Randburg Horskool and Parktown High School for Girls, to UJ Metropolitan Academy, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls as well as Farrarmere Primary School. Nkosi’s Haven Choir gave a rousing rendition of Ujehova Uyamangalisa (God Is Amazing) and the St David’s Chamber Choir boys had all the girls in the audience swooning with their take on The Soil’s Lonely Nights.

UJ Metropolitan Academy Choir

Farrarmere Primary School Choir

Aside from bringing the audience a richly diverse and engaging choral experience, the festival also served to give fledgling choirs valuable stage exposure. It provided them the opportunity to explore the logistics of a big performance. In addition, performing in front of a large and characteristically enthusiastic! Great Hall audience was a massive confidence boost for many of the choristers.

St David's Chamber Choir

Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls Choir

Wits Choir sang in each massed choir piece and also performed a selection of their fan favourites. It all ended with a bang as over 400 choristers shook the Johannesburg soil with the powerful Zulu traditional wedding song, Sizongena Laph’emzini (We Will Enter This Homestead). The moment the final notes rang out was remarkable. The feeling of unity in diversity was palpable as each and every person in that hall sensed what it truly means to be part of this rainbow nation.

Wits Choir

The Great Hall audience enjoying Wits Choir

And this was just the beginning. The Youth and Community Choir Festival will continue to unearth talent in the most unexpected of places, allowing choirs to polish themselves and shine on stage with Wits Choir and with each other. Next year we’ll have even more to showcase. We’ll never stop digging for talent. It is everywhere, after all… if you know where to look.

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400+ Choristers singing "Sizongena Laph'emzini"


by Ella Kotze and Anneke du Toit

September 1, 2013 was a Spring Day to remember for members of the Wits Choir and over 400 other choristers from across Gauteng. The inaugural Youth and Community Choir Festival (YCCF) turned the Wits Great Hall into a hive of musical activity.

Excitement mounted as the choirs started arriving and the auditorium filled with supporters.Wits Choir, dressed in colourful silk uniforms, kicked off the proceedings with a group of community choirs, singing Bonka bapandle – “those who are outside, please come in”, setting a welcoming tone for the rest of the concert.

Wits registrar Kirti Menon opened the event and welcomed the first choirs on stage, after which the enthusiastic audience were treated to a wide array of choral music, including Wits Choir favourites such as KwaMashu, iSkoro Koro and Kyrie Eleison from Norman Luboff’s African Mass.

After the concert, audience member Danni Marais could not contain her appreciation of the event. Speaking specifically of the Wits Choir, Marais said the choir members’ energy and expressiveness on stage especially impressed her.Another faithful fan, Cristelle Snyman, said Wits Choir’s Kyrie and Ek Slaan My O stood out for her. She also enjoyed listening to the school, church and community choirs.

Wits Choir conductor Dalene Hoogenhout had the last say: “The aim of the YCCF was for different choirs to share their music and expertise, and to join in the type of camerderie that can only be achieved through singing. I think we achieved that and so much more on the day.”

? The good news is that Wits Choir is already planning next year’s YCCF. Watch this space to see how you and your choir can get involved.